When do I start seeing a pediatric dentist for my baby?

When do I start seeing a pediatric dentist for my baby?

Being a new parent is a journey and many questions may arise.  We have some great tips to help you with your infant’s oral hygiene.

When do I start oral hygiene routine for my baby?

Question: Do you have to clean baby’s mouth if there are no teeth present? Answer: YES! It is important to keep the gums clean.  Your baby will be used to having his/her mouth clean.  Recommendation is to clean the gums with damp soft wash cloth or a soft brush.  Be gentle!

Question: How many times a day do I need to clean my baby’s mouth? Answer: In the morning and before bed time. Clean the gums after each feeding is the best practice!

Having a Dental Home by Age One is recommended

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends having a dental home by age one. Having a dental home is very important in the event of one of a dental emergency, you have an established pediatric dentist to call and your child knows and feels comfortable with the pediatric dentist. The pediatric dentist will be able to diagnose any issues that you child may have.  The goal at a young age is to prevent and achieve excellent oral health for life.

Incorporate Healthy Foods

It is about taste preferences at a young age; add as much variety to your child’s diet as you can.  Try to stay away from sugar as much as possible.

Visit Our Office Regularly

It is recommended to visit the pediatric dentist twice a year.