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General Anesthesia, Sedation, and Nitrous Oxide

Our dental anesthesiology team have undergone rigorous specialty training in general anesthesia. Our goal is to make dentistry accessible for all patients by contributing to a safe dental experience.  Our anesthesia treatment plans include:  nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, conscious sedation, and general anesthesia (open-airway and intubated)

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CO2 Laser

A CO2 laser is a precise and concentrated beam of light that can gently remove soft tissue.   We utilize this laser in dentistry for many procedures, but mostly we utilize this technology to perform restrictive frenum releases beneath the tongue and lip. Unlike a scalpel, this procedure  does not typically require sutures. The process is more like "moving through tissue" with precision to lift away the tether. Laser surgery is a fast  and precise process.  There is typically very little bleeding and pain afterward.

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The Promax Mid CBCT has a low dose patient capture mode for our pediatric patients, allows us to take extraoral x-rays and provides high quality 2D imaging to capture volume for airway, TMJ, orthodontics, and dental pathologies.

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Carestream Intraoral Scanner

Digital scanner used for intraoral impressions and images of teeth for easier starts to: orthodontic cases, spacers, and aligners.

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WatchPAT is an FDA approved Home Sleep Apnea Device (HSAT) which utilizes your peripheral arterial signal to diagnose sleep apnea.   Once our dental airway team determines you are a candidate for Sleep Disordered Breathing, an at home sleep study will be given to you for you to take home and comfortably sleep in your own bed at night.  The results will be interpreted by  a board certified sleep physician that will provide our team with a definitive diagnosis.

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